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The 7 Best Places for Crab in Michigan!

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If you’re craving seafood, Michigan is home to numerous options for some mind-blowing and mouthwatering crab! Crab cakes, stone crab, king crab legs…. you name it, we’ve got it. From Grand Rapids to Detroit, here are the 7 best places for crab in Michigan.

O'Brien's Crabhouse, Auburn Hills, MI

Crab is built right into the name at Auburn Hills' O'Brien's Crabhouse. Here, you can take the edge off a working Monday or Tuesday with the Snow Crab Feast: a free pound with purchase of a pound and a half. You can also try some rarer breeds, like Florida stone crab. Crab cakes, crab imperial, and a host of others join in together to give you a full-on crab experience you likely won't soon forget.

River Crab, St. Clair, MI

Head out to St. Clair for the River Crab, along the St. Clair River. Waterfront views are fairly commonplace in Michigan, but still breathtaking. You're not just here for the view, though; you're here for the crab. Since River Crab is run by the same company that runs Charley's Crab, you'll get much the same options for crab here, including Oscar and Dynamite toppings, crab cakes, and crab legs, making it a full crab experience in a very crab-friendly location.

Dockers Fish House, Muskegon, MI

Dockers Fish House in Muskegon promises “Sandal-wearing dining all day,” a development that will be welcome for those who want crab in a laid-back environment. Your crab options won't be limited because of this, though; check out the crab cakes and the crab and lobster macaroni and cheese. Those looking for more than crab will have a range of fish dishes as well as a lobster roll, easily on par with the best of New England.

Captain Luey's Calabash Seafood, Battle Creek, MI

Captain Luey's Calabash Seafood boasts a nice range of crab options. First, an entire portion of its menu is “Lobster & Crab,” which makes it a good bet to find crab herein. Snow crab, with or without lobster, or king crab are both on hand. There's also an unusual feature that's both appetizer and accompaniment in some dishes: deviled crab. Served stuffed in the shell and with southwest ranch sauce, it's a noteworthy addition to an otherwise fairly normal crab run.

Black Pearl, Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor's Black Pearl does things a little differently in terms of seafood. For crab, there are no legs here, nor are there cakes. Rather, you'll find crab as part of the package in the cioppino, and as the feature in the avocado crab toast, a dish which combines crab salad with mirepoix and the Black Pearl's own micro-arugula.

Maria's Taste of Italy, South Haven, MI

On the surface, Maria's Taste of Italy in South Haven looks like a normal Italian restaurant. That's until you talk about one particular off-menu option. Generally available on weekends, Maria's features a sweet pepper crab soup that's commonly regarded not only as particularly amazing, but also worth the wait to actually find it.

Brasserie Amie, Traverse City, MI

If it seems like Traverse City's Brasserie Amie is an interesting place to get crab, it's because it is. The name alone—which basically denotes a pastry shop—is a clear indication, but crab shows up on the menu in several places. It's not only part of the Steak Oscar and the Les Fruites de Mer dishes, but it's also shown up in both omelets and crepes. If you're looking for crab beyond legs and cakes, then Patisserie Amie is going to be a good place to start looking.

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