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5 Best Doughnut Shops in Maine!

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Have you ever wondered why doughnuts have a hole in the middle? A man named Captain Hanson Gregory from Camden, Maine, claims to have invented the modern day ring-shaped doughnut in 1847. There is even a plaque in Rockport commemorating his doughy creation. Whether you believe the story or not, doughnuts have a special place in many Mainer’s diet. Here are the 5 best doughnut shops in the state.

Congdon’s Family Restaurant & Bakery, Wells, ME

Congdon’s started back in 1945 with Clint and Dot Congdon. Congdon’s was voted one of “America’s Best Doughnuts” by Food & Wine in April 2012. With 32 different flavors, like buttercrunch, chocolate crunch, and sugar cruller, there is no question why Congdon’s continues to top the best doughnut lists.

Tony’s Donut Shop, Portland, ME

Tony’s Donuts is a Portland landmark serving up its famous donuts for over 50 years. The dense yet delicious donuts are made by hand daily and sold out soon after. Popular donuts include honey dipped, molasses, sugar, chocolate, and good old plain.

The Holy Donut, Portland, ME

Potatoes are grown in abundance in northern Maine. What better way to see Maine ingredients than potato donuts! Don’t worry, they taste delicious. The Holy Donut regularly attracts national media attraction and often popular flavors sell out within hours. You’ll want to be at the front of the line when the doors open. If you want a unique Maine flavor, try the Allen’s Coffee Brandy.

Frosty’s Donuts, Brunswick, ME

Started by Bob Frost in the 1950s, Frosty’s has grown into a doughnut empire since 2012 when the company expanded to Freeport, Bath, and Gardiner. You can also find the doughtnuts in select Hannaford stores, too. With tons of handcrafted flavors to choose from, you really can’t beat the Maple donut.

Sadie’s Bakery, Houlton, ME

Located in “The County,” Sadie’s Bakery only offers two flavors of doughnuts a day. You’ll always have plain, but the second flavor changes between molasses glazed, pumpkin, or chocolate. The doughnuts go fast so get there before the hungry potato pickers do.

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