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7 Best Fried Chicken Joints in Maryland for 2024!

md fried chicken

American families across the country have a favorite fried chicken recipe, busted out for special occasions, and passed down for generations. The fried chicken restaurants in Maryland can transport you back to your childhood, whether you are passing down a family recipe or creating one for the next generation. These are the top 7 fried chicken restaurants in Maryland for 2024, offering a wide range of tastes and textures!

Ekiben, Baltimore, MD

Ekiben has made a name for itself in the Baltimore, Maryland, area for its delicious Asian flavors. Fried chicken has recently taken Asia by storm. Now, Asian fried chicken has made its way back to America. The Spice Bird sandwich, prepared with Taiwanese curry fried chicken and Ethiopian spices, is worth a trip to Baltimore on its own.  

Harvest Chicken, Woodbine, MD

Harvest Chicken makes one main menu item: chicken. Choose between a rotisserie chicken or their juicy, tangy “specialty” fried chicken. They have a wide variety of side dishes and meal deals.

Miss Shirley’s Café, Annapolis, MD

Miss Shirley’s Café has recently been showered with accolades, including “Best Sunday Brunch” and “Best for Visitors.” Stop by at Annapolis for seasonal diner fare, including their Benne Seed Chicken ‘N Waffles (fried buttermilk boneless breast chicken pieces and a honey mustard aioli drizzle on cheddar green onion waffles). 

Matthew’s Grill, Gaithersburg, MD

Matthew’s Grill is bursting with authentic Filipino flavor. They offer a lunch and dinner buffet Wednesday-Saturday and a brunch buffet on Sunday. Their CJ’s Chicken Wings, served with ranch or sweet chili sauce, are delightful.

Sardi’s Pollo a La Brassa, Gaithersburg, MD

Sardi’s combines tradition southern flavors with the chef’s Peruvian roots. They’ve opened 11 restaurants in the last ten years, a staggering feat on its own. An even more staggering feat? How they get their Chicharoon De Pollo so tender (boneless chicken marinated and deep fried, served with two sides).

Milk and Honey Café, Beltsville, MD

Milk and Honey Café in Beltsville, Maryland, offers traditional diner food done right. The menu was designed by Celebrity Chef Sammy Davis and is catered largely around breakfast. Their smothered chicken and biscuits, deep fried chicken breast served over jumbo biscuits with egg and cheese covered in Cajun gravy, is our go-to.

Nando’s, Baltimore, MD

Nando’s Fried Chicken hails all the way from South Africa bringing bold Portuguese flavors. They’ve already expanded to much of Europe and are coming to take over the American fried chicken business, too. Check out their boneless chicken breast or Peri-Peri wings for fried chicken heaven. 

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