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The 7 Best Hot Dog Joints in Massachusetts!

ma hot dog joints

What’s more quintessentially American than a perfect hot dog? Across the Bay State, you’ll find all-beef hot dogs and every topping your heart desires. Check out these Massachusetts hot dog joints and learn the difference between ho hum and a sublime hot dog.

Sullivan’s, Castle Island, MA

Already open for the season, Sullivan’s hot dogs and chili-dogs with cheese are big-time favorites of locals. A visit to Castle Island—and a Sullivan’s hot dog—is something everyone who lives in or visits Massachusetts must enjoy at least once in their lifetime.

Nick’s Hot Dogs, Fall River, MA

Owned and operated by purveyors of the original Coney Island-style hot dogs, Nick’s Hot Dogs has a huge following in this part of Massachusetts. Chopped onions and mustard are among the more popular toppings for hot dogs here, and the owners claim two hot dogs denote an actual meal. Anything else is just child’s play.

Jack’s Hot Dog Stand, North Adams, MA

In business since 1917, Jack’s Hot Dog Stand is akin to an old-time diner, replete with stools at a counter at which patrons can devour their dogs. A regular hot dog will only set you back $1.35.

Tex Barry’s Coney Island Diner, Attleboro, MA

Known by locals as the best place for hot dogs and French fries—as well as other sandwiches and sides—Tex Barry’s is famous for dressing their dogs in the authentic Coney Island manner. They serve plain hot dogs, too, and those replete with your chosen toppings.

Boston Hot Dog Company, Salem, MA

Featuring counter service for a variety of hot dog options, Boston Hot Dog Company is the kind of place where patrons grab their hot dogs and go. Try their Reuben Dog for a delicious take on tradition.

Teo’s Hot Dogs, Pittsfield, MA

Simple is sometimes better and that’s why Teo’s Hot Dogs does one thing and does it well. They’re a favorite with the lunch, fast supper, and last call diners and snackers.

Elliot’s Famous Hot Dogs, Lowell, MA

If you’ve never tried a deep-fried hot dog, you must visit Elliot’s Famous Hot Dogs and try one. Featuring counter service only and an old-fashioned hot dog joint-type atmosphere, it’s the kind of place people visit every time they return home to Lowell.

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