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7 Best Bars in Kentucky: 2024 Edition!

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Choosing a bar with the best selection of drinks, food, and overall best atmosphere can be challenging but we’re here to alleviate the pressure! These 7 bars are the best of the best in Kentucky. With top-notch drinks for all palates, delicious bar bites to complement it, and a vibe unmatched, unwind at these 7 best bars in Kentucky: 2024 edition!

Al’s Bar & Beer Garden, Lexington, KY

Al’s Bar is one of the finest bars in Kentucky with the best selection of drinks, music, and food. Specializing in local craft beers at the Beer Garden, Al’s Bar, is a favorite for locals to come enjoy a few drinks and listen to great music. If you want to have a great time while enjoying drinks with your friends come visit Al’s Bar on the Northside of Lexington. 

Zanzabar, Louisville, KY

Zanzabar keeps a great selection of Kentucky bourbon on its shelves. Also, the scenery at Zanzabar is always changing, which makes this bar a great place to have a drink. This bar has multiple music acts every week that draw hundreds of younger patrons in their 20s and 30s. The new renovation to the back of Zanzabar, allows you more room to vibe on the dancefloor, with your friends while having some drinks. If you like to dance while drinking come to Zanzabar.

Arcadium Bar, Lexington, KY

For adults that grew up in the 70s and 80s, arcade games, are a time-honored tradition. People always remember the first arcade game they played when they were young. Arcadium capitalizes on the nostalgic arcade gaming experience with an entire bar dedicated to these early technological advancements. What better way to enjoy your favorite arcade game than visiting a place with the best bourbon selection while playing games? Arcadium offers a wide variety of top-shelf bourbons if you are interested in seeing what locals enjoy or discovering your very own favorite, come to Arcadium for a drink.

West Sixth Brewing, Lexington, KY

As far as local craft beers are concerned, West Sixth Brewing, has their craft down to a science. People love the environment at West Sixth Brewing for several factors. The main component is the ability to taste several different variations of craft beer in a wide-open beer hall. The food next door at Smithtown is also really tasty seafood that goes excellent with your next beer. 

Henry Clay’s Public House, Lexington, KY

Henry Clay’s Public House is a bar unlike any other in Lexington. The scenery is that of an old western bar. Yet, the crowd has an air of sophistication with their love of traditional cocktails and artisan-crafted drinks. During the school year at the University of Kentucky you will find many of the graduate students and professional types all congregating at Henry Clay’s for their favorite drinks.

Nowhere Bar, Louisville, Kentucky

Nowhere Bar is in fact, actually, in Louisville, Kentucky, off Bardstown Road in the Highlands. This bar stays crowded with locals that love trap music provided by the best local DJs on the circuit. You can get a shot with your friends and enjoy drinks in this LGBTQ-friendly establishment. Make sure to have a water and stay hydrated between drinks so you can enjoy the raised dancefloor in the back of the bar. 

Nachbar, Louisville, KY

Nachbar is definitely an underrated bar as far as beer selection goes. If you are an avid fan of great craft beers both local and imported, come to Nachbar. You can also find some of the better scotch and whiskey that many other bars may not chose to keep on their shelves.

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