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10 Best Fried Chicken Joints in Kansas for 2024!

ks fried chicken

It might sound easy to fry up chicken—but the real masters know it’s an art form. Whether it’s Grandma’s decades old recipe or a modern concoction, making fried chicken that people want repeatedly is no simple task. We have some of the most delicious selections you've ever seen here in Kansas. The top 10 fried chicken restaurants in Kansas for 2024 are listed below!

JD’s Country Style Chicken, Hays, KS

Stop by JD’s Chicken in Hays and enjoy some of the best fried chicken around. Good food and a great staff will make it worth the trip. You’ll want to come back again and again! 

Hays House, Council Grove, KS

Enjoy some of the best chicken ever fried at the Hays House Restaurant in Council Groves. They fry their chicken the old-fashioned way in a cast iron skillet!

Cattleman’s Café II, Liberal, KS

They serve America’s favorite fried chicken at Cattleman’s Café II in Liberal. This fried chicken is some the best in southwest Kansas.

Down Home Family Restaurant, Independence, KS

The Down Home Family Restaurant in Independence fries up some tasty “chicken fried chicken.” And the rest of the menu selection is tasty too!

Cook’s American Grill, Topeka, KS

Cooks’s American Grill in Topeka will serve you some great fried chicken. And it doesn’t matter if it come to you served on a dinner plate or between a bun. Yummy!

Hometown Café, Barnes, KS

Everyone needs to try the Hometown Café in Barnes, because they serve a good ole’ plate of homecooked fried chicken. It’s the special of the day on Wednesday!

Russell’s Restaurant, Salina, KS

Russell’s Restaurant in Salina serves delicious fried chicken with great sides. On the days it is the special-of-the-day, you can get the best fried chicken and some of the other chicken parts not usually served—livers and gizzards! 

Carolyn’s Essenhaus, Arlington, KS

At Carolyn’s Essenhaus in Arlington they serve their fried chicken, pan fried, and it’s served all-day-long. Crispy, hot, and juicy pan-fried chicken is the best.

Sommerset Hall Cafe, Dover, KS

The Sommerset Hall Café in Dover serves wonderful entrees on the menu, but make the drive on the night they serve fried chicken and all the fixings on their buffet. Excellent chicken, prepared and served by friendly staff. 

Carriage Crossing Restaurant & Bakery, Yoder, KS

Visit Carriage Crossing Restaurant & Bakery in Yoder and get ready for the best, hand breaded, golden crispy fried chicken you might ever taste, ever!

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