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The 7 Best Tattoo Parlors in Iowa!

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Seeing that tattoos are a permanent decision, it should go without saying that finding the perfect tattoo parlor is an essential part of the process. In Iowa, you don’t have to look very far to find high-quality tattoo services, ranging from new creations to cover-ups. From classic shops to body art galleries, if you are in the market for a new addition to your skin, these 7 best tattoo parlors in Iowa are all worth checking out.

Heroic Ink, Ames, IA

Helmed by the award-winning tattoo artist team of Mump and Hugo, Heroic Ink has been branding patrons of the Ames area for over eight years running. Through that time, Heroic Ink has provided more unique tattoos than can be counted, and have left hundreds of satisfied customers appreciating their new ink for years to come. Whether you are looking to get a small and discreet tattoo to commemorate an occasion, or you want to add a lot of color to your life, Heroic Ink will leave you with a tattoo to appreciate for a lifetime to come.

Iron Heart, Des Moines, IA

Featuring four of the best tattoo artists you’ll find in Iowa, plus plenty of guest artists that bring their own unique flavor, if you happen to be in the Des Moines area and looking for a tattoo, Iron Heart is the spot for you. Featuring bright colors, unique designs and a strict attention to detail and quality, if you want to get your tattoo done right, Iron Heart is your best bet. Whether you go with Joshua, Paul, Sean or Budha as your artist, by meeting them all in person, you’ll see that they all have trusting hands to work with.

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Neon Dragon Tattoo, Cedar Rapids, IA

Featuring five of Iowa’s premier tattoo artists and body piercers, if you can’t find your next tattoo at Neon Dragon of Cedar Rapids, you’re probably not ready for your next addition. Whether you are looking for a new look or an addition to another one, even a cover-up from a tattoo not from the Neon Dragon, the expertise and high-quality found at the Neon Dragon can provide you exactly what you are looking for.

Twisted Fate Tattoo, Waverly, IA

Featuring custom created works of art, the staff at Twisted Fate Tattoo in Waverly are all about meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations. With over six years in business, Twisted Fate Tattoo has grown to include an impressive portfolio of tattoos and satisfied clients. Whether you are already set on what kind of tattoo you want to add to your own collection, or you want to talk with someone about a handful of ideas, the artists at Twisted Fate are happy to help you figure it all out. 

Pink Elephant Tattoo, Ankeny, IA

Featuring tattoos, piercings and even removals, Pink Elephant Tattoo is a custom tattoo parlor ready to meet your needs. With a handful of permanent and rotating artists, you can be sure to not only figure out what kind of tattoo you want, but you’ll be able to obtain an artist that can masterfully draw your creation. Whatever the next masterpiece you’d like to add to your body, you’ll be sure to get exactly what you’re looking for at Pink Elephant Tattoo. 

Crow’s Nest Tattoo, Dubuque, IA

Featuring some of the most educated tattoo artists and body piercers, the Crow’s Nest Tattoo of Dubuque has their priorities focused on the health and happiness of every customer who walks through their door. Whether you are looking for a small amount of ink to commemorate an experience, or a full-body creation to show off, even some fine jewelry to accessorize your look, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you are looking for and much more at the Crow’s Nest Tattoo.

Iowa City Tattoo, Iowa City, IA

Serving the Iowa City community and beyond, the talented artists at Iowa City Tattoo can not only provide the perfect tattoo with each visit, but the staff is happy to help you figure out exactly what that perfect tattoo will look like. Whether it’s your first tattoo or your umpteenth, and no matter what style you’re looking for, if anything is guaranteed at Iowa City Tattoo, it’s that you’ll like what you see when you leave the doors.  

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