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6 Best Hardware Stores in Iowa!

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Local hardware stores will not only supply you with the tools you’ll need for your next home improvement project, but also the expertise and a down-home atmosphere. Nowhere is that truer than in Iowa’s many great local hardware stores. Whether you’re revamping your kitchen or just trying to fix a leaky sink, these 6 hardware stores in Iowa have exactly what you need. 

New Providence Hardware, New Providence, IA

Serving as the oldest hardware store in Iowa, New Providence hardware has been helping the community solve its problems for over 150 years. While the ownership and community that surrounds New Providence Hardware Store has changed some over the time, the one thing to remain the same the friendly faces when you walk in the door and a wide range of products to help tackle any project you might be working on. If you are looking to add an air conditioner to your space, or maintain an existing one, as a Lennox heating and air conditioning installer, New Providence should be the first name you call. 

Heartland Hardware, George, IA

Featuring large and small appliances, plus a whole host of indoor, garden and miscellaneous house needs, Heartland Hardware is your one-stop shop for all your hardware needs. Operating in George for over 20 years, Heartland Hardware has the experience you want from a hardware store to answer and help with any projects you have slated. 

Ankeny Hardware, Ankeny, IA

Head on over to Ankeny to find the first-class, local Ankeny Hardware. Packed to the brim with different departments, including automotive, home & garden, electrical & lighting and pet supplies, for whatever you need around the home, chances are, Ankeny Hardware has it. At Ankeny Hardware, you can also rent equipment and appliances to take home and give them a try, and if you ever have any questions regarding a certain appliance or product you’re looking for, the friendly faces at Ankeny Hardware are always there to help. 

Modern Building Products, Fairbank, IA

What once started as a construction company over 40 years ago in Fairbank, has blossomed into the fully-equipped home center known as Modern Building Products. Featuring products ranging from lumber to power tools, windows to paint and many other home needs, Modern Building Products provides many solutions to any home issues. With a full line of equipment rentals to top things off, there is little limit to the home construction projects you can accomplish after visiting Modern Building Products in Fairbank. 

Washington Lumber & Home Center, Washington, IA

Established in 2013, Washington Lumber & Home Center is a new, local hardware store that can easily compete with any of the chain hardware stores in the state. Featuring everything you need for any home project, whether it’s paint, lumber, tools or someone to give you advice, Washington Lumber & Home Center is a family business. The moment you walk into the door, you can expect to be a part of that family. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the store, someone on the staff of Washington Lumber & Home Center would be happy to order it in for you. 

Denison Hardware, Denison, IA

While the national Do It Best Hardware corporation isn’t exactly a local establishment, they do lend their brand name to local leaders to help supply community hardware shops with the economies of scale to compete with the larger chain brands. While a few hardware stores on the list above also participate in the Do It Best supply community, another great example of this community enabling establishment can be found in Denison. Featuring top-name brands and full lines of all the hardware you could ever need, what really makes the Do It Best in Denison a great place to shop is the locally owners and employees who can help you feel like you’re at home. 

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