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The 8 Best Cooking Classes in Iowa!

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Whether you’re looking to bolster your culinary repertoire or you’re simply searching for a fun, new experience, Iowa’s great cooking classes will give you just that. Classes offered across the state will help you become a true guru in the kitchen. Here are the 8 best in the state.   

Kirkwood Culinary Kitchen, Cedar Rapids, IA

Operating since 2012, the Kirkwood Culinary Kitchen in Cedar Rapids offers a variety of cooking classes for every skill level of the public. Utilizing a large, open space within the New-Bo City Market, the Kirkwood Culinary Kitchen hosts different cooking classes every weekend ranging from Breakfast on a Budget to Authentic Thai Street Food. While each class provides its own flavors to explore, they all come with professional instruction and easy to follow curriculum. Unique to the Kirkwood Culinary Kitchen, this learning space also offers culinary team building classes to get you and your crew operating at full speed.

Becky’s Mindful Kitchen, Solon, IA

Featuring cooking classes, camps and special events, Becky’s Mindful Kitchen is not only a great place to learn a thing or two about your cooking abilities. It also helps reconnect aspiring chefs to each ingredient they use. Focusing on unprocessed local foods, Becky’s Mindful Kitchen also caters towards every age and skill level of culinary creators. Whether you have a young one in your life interested in learning more about the art of baking, or you yourself want to introduce whole foods into your lifestyle, give Becky’s Mindful Kitchen a call, and Becky will be happy to help you out.

Kitchen Collage, Des Moines, IA

Located in, and helping to define the East Village of Des Moines, the Kitchen Collage has been operating since 1999, and ever since has been inspiring Des Moines residents and beyond to great culinary experiences. Offering demos, classes and events, the Kitchen Collage offers new flavors every week and hands-on instruction to help you create them. Ranging from Knife Skill classes to Thanksgiving Sides demonstrations and tastings, there are plenty of opportunities to learn some new skills from Kitchen Collage, and many people to connect with in the community when doing so. 

Wooden Spoons Workshops, Ankeny, IA

The Wooden Spoons Workshops in Ankeny is a great example of a passion that resides in the home, and that can be tasted with each bite. That’s because the Wooden Spoons Workshops take place in the home and kitchen of business owner Deb Cazavilan, which was specifically remodeled to accommodate 12-person cooking classes. Offering in-home instruction, the monthly classes offered at Wooden Spoons vary between flavor, taste and season, but each class offers in-home instruction and plenty of space to experience a hands-on approach to cooking.   

Cook’s Emporium, Ames, IA

While most chefs and kitchen creators might visit the Cook’s Emporium simply for their fantastic inventory of creative and traditional cooking ware, this full-service kitchen warehouse also puts on weekly cooking demonstrations to inspire something new. Offering demonstrations from September through May and taught by local, professional chefs, attending is affordable and ranges from $35 - $75. Each demonstration comes with a taste of what’s on the menu. The written recipe will be included, as well. Whether you are looking for some new additions to your kitchen, or new additions to your recipe vault, if you like to cook, then the Cook’s Emporium is right for you.

Cooking with Alessandra, Des Moines, IA

Offering cooking classes both in Iowa and afar, Cooking with Alessandra can help you create and connect to the cooking world around you. Located in a storefront in downtown Des Moines, Italian-born Alessandra provides hands-on instruction and free smells with a variety of in-house classes. For the real adventurous cooking enthusiast, you can also travel to Italy with Alessandra for a cooking and wine tour, which is guaranteed to be a good time filled with great food. 

The Wallace Center of Iowa, Des Moines, IA

Built from the legendary legacy of Iowa-native Henry Wallace and his family, the Wallace Center of Iowa aims to enrich the public with first-hand demonstrations of sustainable agriculture in action. Providing locally sourced production and dining, and plenty of resources for community development, in all that the Wallace Center does, it strives enhance the connection between people and the food they eat. The Culinary classes offered by the Wallace Center incorporate all their sustainable and mindful cooking techniques into easy to digest curriculums with hands-on instructions. 

Moment in Thyme, Cedar Falls, IA

Not only is Moment in Thyme of Cedar Falls a first-class catering company willing to meet your exact needs, but this professional cooking studio also offers world-class cooking demonstrations. Each cooking demonstration at Moment in Thyme comes with complimentary wine or bottled water, and everyone who attends will not only see how Moment in Thyme creates their professional meal selections, but all participants get a little taste of the action. With mouthwatering demonstrations like pork medallions with balsamic vinegar and capers, chances are each class at Moment in Thyme can open a whole new culinary door for you. 

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