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Top 10 Fun Facts About Hawaii

hi fun facts

Hawaii is known for spectacular beaches, luaus, and drinks served in coconuts, but it’s a state with a rich tapestry of history and natural wonder. Learn more about Hawaii with these ten fun facts.

Surfing Originated in Hawaii

Surf culture is abundant in Hawaii, as it is in many other coastal areas. Hawaii lays claim to the sport’s origin story, though.

Hawaii Houses the World’s Largest Dormant Volcano

Maui is a thriving tourism hotspot, but when you vacation on Maui, you might be vacationing on a volcano. Haleakalā, the world’s largest dormant volcano, stands an astounding 10,023 feet high and makes up around 75% of Maui.

There Are No Squirrels in Hawaii

Squirrels are among the most common animals you’ll see nearly anywhere in the US…except in Hawaii. In fact, Hawaii is the only US state where there are no squirrels.

Hawaii Has Two Official Languages

There are two official languages written into Hawaii’s state constitution: English and Olelo Hawai’i, a traditional Hawaiian language. This makes Hawaii the only US state to have two official languages.

There Is British Land in Hawaii

Captain James Cook is credited as the first European to reach Hawaii, and at first, his relationship with the locals was positive. He and his crew overstayed their welcome, though, and it eventually resulted in Captain Cook’s death in Kealakekua Bay. The area where he died was later sold to the British and they erected a monument to Cook on the site.

Hawaii Has State Holidays Honoring Historical Monarchs

Hawaii was previously ruled by a monarchy, and some of the monarchs are still revered and celebrated today with their own holidays. June 11th is King Kamehameha I Day and March 26th is Prince Kuhio Day.

All Forms of Gambling Are Illegal in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of only two states in the US where all forms of gambling are illegal - the other state is Utah. Vegas is a particularly popular vacation destination for Hawaii residents for that reason.

Hawaii’s State Flag Features a Union Jack

The Hawaiian flag was designed as a unique combination of British, American, and Hawaiian symbolism. It features a Union Jack (the British flag) along with stripes similar to the American flag’s stripes - the eight stripes represent the eight major Hawaiian islands.

You Can Mail a Coconut in Hawaii

Got a message to mail but no envelope or paper? No problem! In Hawaii, you’re able to mail a coconut (no box, no packaging, just the coconut), so you can write your message directly on the coconut.

Hawaii Has a Unique Problem: Vog

Many places in the US have occasional problems with smog as a result of pollution. While this isn’t an issue in Hawaii, the islands do have another issue: vog, a smog-like phenomenon caused by volcanic ash.

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