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6 Best Bubble Tea Places in Hawaii!

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Hawaii offers a vast selection of authentic Asian restaurants, so it is no surprise that establishments have jumped on the bubble tea trend from Taiwan. But these bubble teas often feature flavors straight from the islands such as taro, passionfruit, and sugar cane. Enjoy super fresh teas at these 6 excellent bubble tea spots in Hawaii.

Dragon Tea, Honolulu, HI

Dragon Tea is a great spot for traditional Chinese dishes and snacks such as tea eggs, fish ball soup, and beef noodle soup. As dessert, they offer a wide range of teas flavored entirely with natural ingredients, like their lemon green tea, which is made with lemons, brewed jasmine green tea, and sugar cane. Bubble tea options on the menu are extensive, with milk tea, pure tea, caffeine-free, and fruit tea all available. Toppings other than boba can also be added to your drink, such as lychee, yogurt popping boba, grass jelly, chia seeds, and more. They also frequently run promotions for discounted bubble teas!

Mr. Tea Café, Honolulu, HI

The owners of Mr. Tea Café are super passionate about bubble tea; thus, they aim to serve the best bubble tea possible using quality loose-leaf teas and fresh boba. The menu features a large selection of milk and iced teas. Menu highlights include taro milk tea, Thai tea, and roasted oolong milk tea.

QQ Tea House, Honolulu, HI

For those on a budget who still need their bubble tea fix, QQ Tea House frequently offers great promotions such as buy one bubble tea, get the second for 99 cents. Bubble tea options are plentiful here, with milk tea with honey boba, pudding and honey boba, fresh avocado milk, and jasmine green milk tea. In addition to tapioca pearls, they also have jellies and red bean on the menu.

Tea Time Taiwan, Pearl City, HI

Tea Time Taiwan is an authentic Taiwanese dessert place specialized in bubble tea, smoothies, puddings, and honey toast. The menu is huge here, with orders ranging from simple, like black tea, to complex like a sour plum clapico smoothie. Other than boba, they offer different add ins such as panda boba, chocolate pudding, and more.

Thang’s French Coffee & Bubble Tea, Honolulu, HI

Thang’s has been serving smoothies, bubble tea, and Vietnamese iced coffee for more than 20 years. On sweltering days, step indoors to order a watermelon bubble tea to cool off. Instead of powdered flavorings, Thang’s uses real fruit, teas, and coffees for their tasty flavors.

Teapresso Bar, Multiple locations

Teapresso Bar is a popular Hawaiian chain that serves made to order, non-powder and non-GMO teas. Teapresso Bar offers a six-step tea customization process, making your order exactly what you want. First, choose your drink size and either hot or iced, then the type of tea, additional flavors or milk, and even the type of boba. The menu also features their signature drinks as well as classics if you don’t want to make your own. 

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