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9 Best BBQ Joints in Georgia!

ga bbq joints

If there’s one thing a southern state like Georgia knows, it’s barbecue. Anyone who’s had great barbecue in Georgia knows it has its own unique flavor not easily duplicated anywhere else. Whether you like pork or beef, ribs or sandwiches, sweet or spicy, you can find it all at these 9 best barbecue joints in Georgia. 

Fresh Air Bar-B-Que, Jackson and Macon, GA

This cozy roadside tradition has been dishing out the best barbecue since 1929. Slow cooked to perfection, guests can expect exquisite pulled pork and Brunswick stew every time they visit. Their menu is short and sweet, but they make up for it in flavor and service.  

Smokejack, Alpharetta, GA

For those looking for a refined taste and dining experience, Smokejack is a far cry from the traditional Georgia barbecue hole-in-the-wall joint. They’ve fused upscale dining and ambiance with award-winning barbecue that’s made from scratch daily and expertly crafted. Smoked wings, nachos, ribs, and pork are just a few of the favorite delights you’ll find here.

Community BBQ, Decatur, GA

Whether you’re feeding a crowd or just yourself, you can’t go wrong with Community BBQ. They embody their name like no other, making you feel like part of the family from the moment you arrive. They’ve got the traditional ribs, brisket, chicken, and pork, along with upgraded sides like sweet potato & braised kale and black eyed peas. It’s a tough choice, but you can’t go wrong.

Bar-H Barbecue, Franklin, GA

Fans can’t decide which part is better: the food, the service, or the price. Their pork and brisket plates attract patrons from miles around, and their reasonable prices make it easy to feed a whole family. The amazing Brunswick stew and homemade cakes complete this perfect eating experience. 

Fincher’s Bar-B-Q, Macon, GA

Not many places can attest to having their barbecue enjoyed outside of this world, but Fincher’s can! Their tasty pork barbecue was served on a NASA space mission in 1969, making it the best barbecue in outer space. It’s great here on Earth, too. Make sure you get a bottle of sauce to take home with you!

Southern Soul Barbeque, St. Simons Island, GA

This friendly little barbecue nook was the former home of a gas station, and still retains much of its retro charm. Their award-winning cuisine is nothing short of mouthwatering, offering the best pork, beef, burnt ends, ribs, and chicken on the Georgia coast. They’ve also got plenty of fixings to go along with their all-star meats, giving this former filling station a whole new meaning when it comes to refueling its patrons.

Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, Atlanta, GA

Barbecue. Beer. Blues. There’s nothing else you need. Fat Matt’s is not only smoking up the best ribs in the area, they’re filling your cultural appetite, too. In addition to their knockout ribs, you can get some tasty chicken or sandwiches to sate your cravings.

Saucehouse Barbeque, Athens, GA

An interior decked out in wood panels and laden with a smoky aroma only means one thing in Georgia: you’re about to taste some of the best barbecue in the state. Their atmosphere sets the tone for a delightful dining experience, with a menu chock full of pork, chicken, ribs, brisket, and even tofu. They make every meal unique and memorable, but more importantly they make it delicious.

Zombie Pig BBQ, Columbus, GA

Don’t be frightened—there are no real zombies here. This place started as a roadside food truck and blossomed into a restaurant due to its overwhelming success. Everything from meat to sides to tea is made fresh in their kitchen, and you’ll appreciate the difference.

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