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6 Best Zumba Classes in Florida

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Dancing and getting a workout? No more dreading exercise. Zumba, is a fun, heart-pumping cardio workout that combines Latin rhythms and dance. The best part? Anyone can do Zumba, regardless of your fitness level or dance abilities. Love your next workout at one of these 6 best Zumba classes in Florida.

Olympia Gym, Aventura, FL

Truth be told, there are a lot of great classes here to choose from, but Zumba takes the cake. Typically offered at least once a day, their Zumba classes are warm, welcoming, and exciting for newcomers and seasoned Zumba goers alike. You can grab a three-day trial pass to the gym for free so you can see if it’s a great fit for you before you commit.

Queen of Hearts Fitness, Tallahassee, FL

Dedicated to helping you find your royal strength, Queen of Hearts Fitness offers a variety of classes tailored to women’s fitness goals. Zumba is one of many Dance It Out classes they offer on a rotating basis, alongside chair dancing, pole workouts, and lower and upper body workouts. They offer new client specials where you can test them out for 30 full days, as well as regular memberships and drop in packages. 

Pensacola Athletic Center, Pensacola, FL

The only thing that’s better than the Zumba classes here is the fact that they offer it for both kids and adults. Members can enjoy the classes for free, while non-members can pay a small per-class fee whenever they want to squeeze in a session. The kids classes include fun games and challenges to keep them interested and moving while also promoting a healthy lifestyle. It’s a win/win for parents, too!

Loggerhead Fitness, Juno Beach, FL

This award-winning facility offers some of the best Zumba classes you’ll ever attend. They encompass a variety of Latin dances, such as salsa and flamenco, and tailor the moves to fit just about any skill level. You can score a free week pass if you’re new to the facility. 

Nuevolution Dance, Pembroke Pines, FL

Kids and adults alike will love getting their dance on at this fun, funky Zumba studio. Every class is an adventure since the instructors do well in keeping the moves and music fresh. They offer a variety of other fitness programs, too, such as tae bo and yoga. 

Around the Clock Fitness, Multiple locations

Offering six locations with a fully loaded class schedule, you should be able to find a Zumba class that fits your own schedule. Zumba is a favorite class because of its variety of music and movement options, plenty of class times to choose from, and expert instruction. They offer a variety of membership options and discounts to suit almost every budget. 

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