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The 9 Best Theme Bars in Florida!

fl themed bars

Whether you’re looking for a tiki bar in Tallahassee or a biker bar in Panama City Beach, there’s a quirky, trendy, and uniquely-decorated bar in Florida for you. Not only is the atmosphere something to experience, but these spaces provide great service and craft up a mean drink, too. Here are the Best Theme bars in the state! 

The Red Bar, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

The location of The Red Bar is steeped in history, having been an old general store that transformed into the amazing libation station it is today. The outside alone is a masterful work of art, leading into a lair full of vintage surprises, live music, and Southern flair that’s a genre all its own. They also have their own house jazz band that plays almost every night, plus they’ve been known to host celebrities within their walls.

The Imperial, Orlando and Sanford, FL

The most impressive piece of The Imperial is what’s behind the bar. This boutique wine bar has constructed an atmosphere that can only be described as intriguing, classy, kitschy, delightful, wondrous, mysterious, and fascinating - all at the same time. The longer you stare, the more interesting it becomes. It’s reason enough to visit the bar, but it won’t be the only thing that keeps you seated. Their wines and craft cocktails are absolutely impeccable.

No Name Pub, Big Pine Key, FL

You may have guessed that one of the most unique things about this place is its name - or rather, the lack thereof. Much of its uniqueness lies in its history: It started as a bait and tackle shop in 1931, then slowly evolved into the apparently-top-secret pub it is today. It was also once home to an upstairs brothel and became known as one-stop hotspot for food, fishing, and entertainment. The bar has seen many changes during its tenure in the Keys and remains a must-visit place if you’re in the area. 

Flora-Bama, Pensacola, FL

Some may call it the most tourist-friendly bar in the panhandle. Regardless, it’s highly unique because of its location: right on the Alabama/Florida state line. They’ve got a killer food menu that will suit even the pickiest eaters. Plus, there’s always live music and extra special somethings happening here.

Hanson’s Shoe Repair, Orlando, FL

Here’s a hint: it’s not really a place to take your shoes. This classic speakeasy is one of the last of its kind, offering a “front” for its bar business that will have even the most discerning eye looking twice. Also adding to the uniqueness is the fact that it’s in a former shoe repair shop, which is also believed to be the oldest building in downtown Orlando.

Fudpuckers Beachside Bar and Grill, Destin, FL

There’s a lot happening here, so take your time and go explorin’. This one of a kind experience is a family-friendly event that can sate your appetite and thirst for adventure all in the same trip. They have a full restaurant and bar on-site, but it doesn’t stop there. You can enjoy some live gator handling, viewing, and feeding, leave your autograph on the wall, or simply enjoy the colorful, vibrant scenery of this multi-tier establishment.

The Green Parrot, Key West, FL

One of Key West’s most iconic bars, the Green Parrot has a lot going for it. For starters, it’s not just a bar, but also a major live music venue. They also feature live cams of the bar and Key West itself so you can follow along in spirit when you’re not there in person. The diversity community also lends to its uniqueness: you’ll find just about any type of person here on any given day, just the way it’s been for years. 

Waterworks, Tallahassee, FL

Who says tiki bars only exist along the coast? This place disproves this fallacy by bringing you a top-notch tiki experience that will make you swear you’re at the beach. The giant outdoor statues and colorful umbrellas are enough to make you want to stop for a bit.

Wicked Wheel, Panama City Beach, FL

Combining the love for beer with a passion for motorcycles, this fusion of hearty and hardcore pair perfectly together. Metal signs, neon lights, and real motorcycles decorate the place, giving it an eclectic vintage vibe. It also helps that they have one of the best food menus in the city, including their award-winning fried chicken.

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