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7 Best Speakeasies in Florida!

fl speakeasies

It’s almost the ‘20s again, which could be why the speakeasy is making a major comeback in Florida. These iconic bars are popping up all over the Sunshine State, taking visitors back to the era of silent films and secret drinks. The best part is that these 7 best speakeasies in Florida don't require a secret code to enjoy your favorite libations. 

Hanson’s Shoe Repair, Orlando, FL

Okay, so for this one you will need the secret password, but you can find it daily on their Twitter account. This place is authentic, even down to its misleading name and historic location, which may just be the oldest building in the city. Inside you can find a cozy, well-stocked bar, bare brick walls, and some of the craftiest cocktails in the state.

Stache, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Known as a drinking den and coffee bar, you won’t know which one to start with first. This award-winning speakeasy is known for their top-notch selection of whiskey, but they also offer other handmade favorites to delight any palate. Their ambiance engages all your senses to deliver an experience that’s simply bar none.

The Treehouse, Orlando, FL

Reminiscent of the secret club house you probably had as a kid, this “elevated” hangout will make you glad to be in the know. Through the green door you’ll find a tiny little hideout offers craft cocktails and a vibe that will make you want to visit more than once. The dim lighting and wood and brick interior are perfect for that classic speakeasy look and feel.

Ciro’s Speakeasy, Tampa, FL

You’ll have to call them for the day’s password, but it’s so worth it. One of Tampa’s best cocktail bars is serving the same type of handcrafted wonders that headlined Prohibition times. The classic decor, lush elements, and personal service will easily make this place your new go-to favorite.

The Apothecary, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cleverly named, the Apothecary can remedy whatever is ailing you with a taste of “grandpa’s medicine.” Wood paneled ceilings, a fully loaded bar, and classy chandeliers create the 1920s vibe that looks as if time has stood still for 100 years. Their handcrafted cocktails are mixed to perfection, so make sure you come thirsty.

The 86 Room, Fort Myers, FL

Cozy and super chill, this little speakeasy is serving up big impressions. The ambiance is on point to reflect the traditional speakeasy style. They also make all their own mixes with fresh ingredients to give you the best in flavor and fashion.

The Grape and Grain Exchange, Jacksonville, FL

Hold on, this isn’t your typical package store. Tucked away in the retail shop is a friendly little speakeasy bar that’s serving up major flavor. Rooted in the “garden to bar” concept, you can expect nothing but fine, fresh ingredients in your made to order cocktails. They also feature a variety of jazz singers and other live music to add to that vintage vibe.

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