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The 10 Best Smoothie Places in Florida!

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When you think smoothie, what springs to mind? Fresh fruit flavors? Loaded with protein or other nutrients? A cold, frosty drink that could be a meal in itself? Yes to all! Smoothies are highly versatile, offering a refreshing choice for quick meals on the go or just a cool treat to chase away the summer heat. These 10 best places for smoothies in Florida are best enjoyed year-round. 

Swami Juice, Multiple locations

This four-location juice bar handcrafts every smoothie made to order, and you’ve never tasted anything fresher. Choose your base of almond or coconut milk, add your ingredients, then supercharge it with a booster like spirulina, maca root powder, or bee pollen for the ultimate health drink. Their smoothies leave you filled and satisfied, plus you can take comfort in knowing they only source the best ingredients.

Zen Bar, Davie, FL

Find your inner Zen with a delicious smoothie that’s made just for you. This is THE go-to spot for cold-pressed juices, acai bowls, cleanses, and smoothies that taste every bit as good as they look. Fans love coming here for the total Zen experience—it’s unlike any other juice bar you’ve been to, and you’ll agree it’s the best in the area.

Skyebird Juice Bar and Experimental Kitchen, Orlando, FL

This counter-serve smoothie palace is an example of what other juice bars should be: clean, delicious, and plenty of variety. Not only do they have some of the best, nutrient-rich smoothies in the city, they also serve a hearty variety of vegan-friendly food options to complement your beverage. Organic and dairy-free options are their specialty.

The Fresh Squeeze, Dania Beach, FL

The sweet smoothies here are so delicious you might forget they’re good for you. They use only wholesome fruits and veggies in their concoctions to ensure you get a drink that’s filled with goodness. While you’re there, you can pick up a freshly made breakfast sandwich, soup, salad, or other healthy guilt-free meal.

Power Smoothie, Pembroke Pines, FL

The most raved about smoothie and juice bar in town, this place gives you the nutrition you need to power through your day. Their prices are generous, especially for the portions, and each smoothie is made with love by people who care about quality. It’s also one of the best lunch places in town (the wraps won’t let you down!). 

Raw Juce, Multiple locations

With several locations throughout the Sunshine State, there’s no excuse not to visit one! Their smoothie elixirs are packed with the best ingredients that are healthy, wholesome, filling, and guilt-free. And if you just need to get your Raw Juce fix, you’ll be glad to know they deliver.

Smoothie Whirl'd, West Palm Beach, FL

Whether you prefer your smoothies green or fruity, this place won’t disappoint. Their smoothie craftsmen can help you concoct the most delicious combination that delivers a heaping dose of health in every sip. They have one of the most extensive menus of any smoothie place, including unique flavors like matcha and carrot-orange, plus you can add a power booster like ginger or wheatgrass for extra impact.

Xtreme Juice, Tampa, FL

Farm-fresh might seemed far-fetched in a big city, but Tampa’s favorite smoothie shop makes it possible. Take your pick of their delicious smoothie pops, protein shakes, or classic smoothies—you’ll want to try them all! Make sure you scan their list of add-ons to give your smoothie a health boost. 

The Smoothie Room, Orlando, FL

No syrups, no sugar, no concentrates—just delicious homemade smoothies made with real fruits and veggies. You can take your pick of three size options to suit your appetite and budget, then choose from their all-star list of fruity or exotic smoothies for a treat your taste buds won’t forget. They also have a tasty variety of vegetable juice blends that makes it easy to get all your veggie servings for the day.

Crop Juice, Sarasota, FL

They don’t have the biggest selection of smoothies, but it’s certainly one of the most unique. Interesting combinations like cinnamon and banana, PB/Chocolate/Banana/Spinach, and their bold PB&J options mean you never have to drink a boring, run of the mill smoothie ever again. If you’re looking for a healthy option for meals or snacks, they also offer several grab and go items that you can eat on the run. 

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