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6 Best Places for Mac and Cheese in Florida!

fl mac and cheese

Is there anything more mouthwatering than a heaping helping of mac and cheese? Many folks in Florida would likely say no. The Sunshine State knows cheese, and it shows in the abundance of game-changing mac and cheese dishes found in some of the state’s best restaurants. These 6 best places for mac and cheese in Florida rival that of any home cookin’ hot spots in country. 

Big Pink, Miami Beach, FL

One bite of Big Pink’s baked mac and cheese will have you believing you’ve stumbled into Grandma’s kitchen. It’s a little bit of crispy and a whole lotta cheesy, and they serve it by the boatload. Grab a traditional order to share with the table, or opt for the chili mac variety to keep it interesting—either way, you can’t go wrong.

The Happy Grilled Cheese, Jacksonville, FL

The Happy Grilled Cheese proves that great mac and cheese is born from a food truck. These grilled cheese sandwich masters are known for their appreciation of all things cheesy, but their homemade mac and cheese isn’t to be missed. They’ve also got a brick and mortar restaurant for those who don’t want to cheese-and-run.

The Office, Delray Beach, FL

Their mac and cheese balls redefine everything you thought you knew about this staple side dish. Creamy cheese and noodles are breaded and fried, then served with a side of marina and fonduta for dipping. It’s every bit as tempting as it sounds, and they won’t last on your table for long.

Farmers Market Restaurant, Fort Myers, FL

If you’re longing for southern comfort eats, you’ll find more that what your appetite can handle here. Their menu features something for even the pickiest eater, but you’ll want to head straight for the mac and cheese. Homemade and baked to perfection, their generous helpings pair perfectly with their country meat and veggie plates to give you a satisfying meal.

I Heart Mac and Cheese, Multiple locations

This up-and-coming Florida chain started with just one location, and has since blossomed into three total Florida eateries with a few more on the way. Dedicated to all things cheese, their mac and cheese makes the perfect main course. In addition, they also serve them in bite-sized pieces or tucked into a sandwich—you’ll want to try them all!

Pilot House Marina, Key Largo, FL

This place is well-known for its glass-bottomed bar that lets you safely experience what’s lurking below the water, but their lobster mac and cheese is equally deserving of recognition. Baked to perfection in a cast iron skillet, their large penne noodles and three-cheese blend make the perfect culinary treat you’ll want to order more than once. Whether you love lobster or not, you won’t be able to stop yourself from scraping the pan clean.

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