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The 10 Best Cooking Classes in Florida!

fl cooking classes

Whether cooking comes naturally to you or you’ve never cooked a day in your life, there’s always something you can learn. Florida has plenty of cooking classes throughout the state to teach you new techniques and recipes that will turn you into your household’s gourmet chef. Best of all, you always get to taste the fruits of your labor when class is over. Don your apron and put your skills to the test at these 10 best cooking classes in Florida. 

Chef Alice, Pompano Beach, FL

Whether you're looking for a cooking demo or a full, hands-on learning experience, Chef Alice doesn't disappoint. Class sizes are kept small for a reason, and that's to provide you with the best personalized instruction to help you get the most out of every class. Classes take place in Alice's very own kitchen, and consist of public, private, and kid-friendly options.

A. Chef’s Cooking Studio, Ponte Vedra, FL

Open to everyone who has a passion for food, there's no set of cooking classes more complete than the ones you'll find here. Everything from knife skills to safe food preparation to cooking techniques and more, there's a course for every interest and every diet. Classes are usually an hour and a half to three hours and length, and price will vary by class. 

Truffles and Trifles, Orlando, FL

Designated one of the top five cooking schools in the country by Food Network, Truffles and Trifles has been turning ordinary cooks into successful gourmets for over three decades. Every class focuses on a key appetizer, entree, or desserts from a variety of cuisine, including French, Tex-Mex, Asian, and classic American. Feel free to join a public class, or book a private event.

Young Chefs Academy, Seminole, FL

It's never too soon to start teaching kids about the kitchen, and this place can help turn your little chef’s helper into the best cook in your house. Kids get the benefit of learning how to cook safely in a supervised environment with meals and snacks tailored to small hands and abilities. Parents rave about the amazing birthday parties their kids have attended here—fun for kids and their parents alike.

My Big Fat Greek Cooking Class, Ormond Beach, FL

You can learn how to make savory Greek food that's every bit as good as what you'll find in the motherland. They focus on traditional Greek Classics commonly found in the Mediterranean diet, and even offer cooking class vacations in Greece. Classes tend to sell out, so you'll want to sign up quickly. 

The Naked Bite, Miami, FL

Part catering company, part personal chef, and part cooking school, if there's one thing the naked bite knows, its good food. All of their recipes are focused on providing plant-based nutrition that taste good and are good for you. They offer classes in person and virtually, and even special class is tailored for kids. 

Publix Aprons Cooking School, Multiple locations

Publix may be known as one of Florida's premier grocery chains, but most folks don't realize that they also offer gourmet cooking classes. You'll learn from masterfully trained chefs from a variety of disciplines, featuring cuisine from all over the world. Their cooking classes include those for kids and teens, wine pairings, cooking techniques, culinary basics, and classes for couples.

Sur La Table, Boca Raton, FL

This Nationwide cooking supply store has some of the best tools and supplies for your kitchen, and you can take them for a test drive during one of their cooking classes. With several classes to choose from almost every day of the week, you can find one that fits your schedule, budget, and food preferences. From desserts to entrees, you'll find the likes of Thai, French, Spanish, Italian, and more on a regular basis.

The Kids Cooking Connection, Windermere, FL

Not only do kids get to learn the basics of cooking in a structured environment, they'll also get a hearty dose of nutrition education and healthy food options. Kids tend to love fruits and veggies more if they know how to prepare them to their own liking, so every class is a win for kids and parents alike. Groups are small so each child can get the most out of their time in class.

The Gathering Table, Melbourne, FL

This interactive cooking experience lets you get hands-on at every step. Offering a variety of classes, private events, summer camps, and children's cooking classes, there's a little something for everyone here. Each class is unique, and you'll want to go more than once. 

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