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9 Best CBD Stores in Florida!

fl cbd stores

Florida has one of the most popular hemp markets, leading to a growth of CBD stores in the Sunshine State. From Tampa to Orlando, here are the 9 best CBD stores in Florida.

Hempology Life, Tampa, FL

Hempology Life offers shipping all over the country, so you can order from this shop no matter where you live. Hempology Life offers all the essential CBD products, such as hemp pre-rolls, creams, and flowers.

Smoke Pharmacy, Orlando, FL

Smoke Pharmacy sells vape products and CBD items, making them the perfect one-stop shop. Products are affordable and their amazing staff can help you select the best item. You can also find accessories here, such as glassware and vaping tools.

Canna Ocho, Miami, FL

Canna Ocho is the best place to pick up any smoking accessories, including wraps, pipes, lighters, and even rolling trays. They also sell delta-8 and 9 products, and their edibles are extremely popular.

Cannabist Dispensary, Jacksonville, FL

Cannabist Dispensary is an excellent shop for everyone but is a favorite among those new to CBD. Their staff members are knowledgeable and can answer any of your questions so you can make the best selection for your needs. In addition to selling CBD, they’re also a medical marijuana dispensary.

Budzburn, Orange Park, FL

Budzburn is a popular choice for delta-8 or 9 products. They sell legal THC in different forms, such as edibles, vape, flower, and concentrate. Budzburn also sells HHC in all these forms as well.

Your CBD Store, Multiple Locations

Your CBD Store is a chain with locations throughout the country. But did you know this chain originated in Bradenton, FL? The first shop is still open and is said to have one of the best selections of CBD products.

Natural Life, Tallahassee, FL

Natural Life has many savings opportunities. You can subscribe to their email newsletter and gain access to different discounts and specials. If you’re ordering online, Natural Life offers free shipping nationwide.

CBD Plus USA, Naples, FL

CBD Plus USA is the place to choose if you’re looking for unique CBD and delta-8 products. Included in their product lineup are syrup, disposable vapes, infused drinks, pre-rolls, and dabs. They also sell lots of fun merchandise!

Tailored Hemp & Co., Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you’re looking for fresh and premium hemp products, Tailored Hemp & Co. is the place to choose. They make various products in-house and sell hemp from other reputable brands. All of their products are natural, giving you peace of mind in every purchase.

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