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7 Best Bubble Tea Places in Florida!

fll bubble tea

Bubble tea is hugely popular—and for good reason. This delicious little drink hails straight from Taiwan and is making a splash in Florida. Known for its variety of flavors and the tiny little bobas and tapioca pearls that decorate its contents, this fan-favorite beverage is an international treat that will make you smile. If you haven’t tried it yet, or just can’t get enough, you’ll want to stop in for a cup at these seven best bubble tea places in Florida. 

Ara Vita, Miami Lakes, FL

If you’re new to bubble tea, you’ll want to start here. The folks here act as your personal boba tea guides that break down your options, answer your questions, and find out which tea you’re most likely to enjoy (seriously, there are tons of choices). You get a great experience here, not to mention a wonderful beverage every time.

KAM’S Bubble Tea and Sushi, Sarasota, FL

Smoothies, noodle soups, sushi, and of course bubble tea, this place has it all—and then some. You’ll have a tough choice to make from their all-star list of green bubble teas with fruit toppings or an even longer list of bubble tea smoothies. Truth be told, it will be even tougher to make a bad choice. They’ve got all the classics, and a few unheard of varieties like jackfruit and red bean coconut.

Lucky Straws, Winter Garden, FL

You could get a bubble tea here every day for an entire year and not run out of combinations. They’ve got a long list of flavors, including grape, honey, kiwi, and pineapple, and you can take your pick of popping tapioca pearls, jellies, or bobas to complete your drink. Slush teas, house creations, and other options leaves nothing to be desired. 

Black Pearl Boba Tea, Wellington, FL

Fruity or milk tea? That’s a question you’ll have to answer here, but rest assured you’ll want to come back to try them all. They’ve got all your favorite flavors, as well as tea slushies that you just won’t find anywhere else. Chocolate, custard, sesame, and rose are a few of their unique flavors. They’re also a prime snack stop if you’re craving a taste of Asia.

Pong’s Boba Tea, Tallahassee, FL

Touted as one of the city’s best kept secrets, this bubble tea place makes every drink to order so you can get exactly what you want. Fans love the food and drink specials they have here, but even the everyday prices won’t dent your wallet. They also offer non-dairy alternatives to satisfy special diets.

Litchi Delights, Pembroke Pines, FL

You’ll think you’ve gone straight to Asian dessert heaven when you venture inside. For starters, their bubble tea menu 27 different types to choose from.  But it doesn’t stop there: they also feature the unique Thai rolled ice cream, Taiwanese snow ice, and freshly made smoothies.

Boba World, Miami, FL

If you want total control of your bubble tea experience, there’s no better place to go than here. You can create your own flavor, starting with your tea base, so you know exactly what you’re getting. In fact, you can mix and match up to three flavors for a truly unique, one of a kind drink. 

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