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8 Best Places for Big Food in Florida

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Got big cravings? It sounds like a job for some of Florida’s most outrageous culinary concoctions. Big food is a big thing in Florida, offering colossal-sized portions of your favorite eats so nobody goes home hungry. These 8 best places for big food in Florida will make all your dreams come true. 

Charley’s Steak House, Multiple locations

This three-location steak house has all the steak you could want, but it’s the 50-ounce Porterhouse that takes first prize. Their ultimate surf and turf pairs this mega beast with a lobster tail for a meal you won’t soon forget. You might want to bring along a little help to help you clean the plate. 

Shula Burger, Multiple locations

This Florida favorite burger chain has a glorious burger you’ll be hard pressed to finish. A towering tier of burger patties and toppings, fries, and onion rings are nothing short of filling. This whopping 48-ounce meal is yours for free—if you can finish it in 48 minutes or less. 

Conestogas, Alachua, FL

Their famous Stogie Burger is a creation you’d just have to see to believe. 48 ounces of ground beef are topped with your favorite veggies, cheese, and a bun, plus you get your choice of side item. Eat it all by yourself and it’s free—if not, plan on paying about $30 for the meal.

Papa Vito’s Italian Restaurant, Cape Canaveral, FL

Their house 24-inch pizza pie is nothing short of stunning. They combine size and taste for a bold meal you’ll be talking about for months. Get it by the slice or grab a whole pie for the family.

Sand Bar Sport Grill, Coconut Grove, FL

This five-pound burrito touts everything but the kitchen sink—and they mean it! It’s just like their classic burrito, only bigger, better, and definitely more challenging. If you can finish, you’ll wind up in their Hall of Fame—truly an honor not every diner gets to enjoy. 

Rock n Roll Ribs, Coral Springs, FL

Their Appetite of the Beast is a feast fit for a king’s army, but even their menu says that two people might be able to polish it off just fine. With one and a half racks of ribs, half a chicken, half pound of beef and pork, fries, slaw, beans, corn, and toast, this meal is Hall of Fame-worthy. Finish this one and you get bragging rights for life. 

Blue Boy Sandwich Shop, Jacksonville, FL

You might want to order this one in advance, but the taste is well worth the wait! Their Party Sub is fully loaded with your favorite meats, cheeses, and toppings. At 26 inches long and 18 inches wide, you could eat on this all week and still have some left over. 

Alberto’s Pizzeria, Edgewater, FL

You’ll need to grab a partner for this one—but it’s worth a little planning! You’ll battle to finish a 28-inch pizza in 28 minutes or less. The winner gets $100 cash, while the loser pays for the pizza. Either way—you get pizza!!

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