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10 Best Auto Repair Shops in Florida!

fl auto repair

Everyone needs a good auto repair shop in their back pocket that they can trust when needed. Looking for your go-to repair shop in Florida? From the transparent service to the swift diagnostics, you'll love these 10 best auto repair shops in Florida.

Green’s Garage, Miami, FL

Green's Garage is truly a fixture in Miami. Not only is the beautiful green shop a noticeable part of the Miami landscape, but it has been serving the community for over six decades, keeping vehicles on the road and keeping people moving.

Sloan’s Automotive, Orlando, FL

Sloan’s Automotive is widely known as the best auto service center in Orlando, and it has earned that reputation. This popular shop not only has the highest level of skill and service but its site offers the convenient option to manage your appointments and more online.

A&D Automotive Center, Tampa, FL

A&D Automotive Center has just about everything automotive under one roof. Not only does it have an adept service center that offers a wide range of repairs, maintenance, and upgrades but it sells pre-owned vehicles as well.

Maxi Auto Repair and Service, Jacksonville, FL

From budget vehicles to luxury vehicles alike, getting high-quality care for maintenance and repairs is paramount to getting as much life as possible from your vehicle. Maxi Auto Repair and Service is Jacksonville’s top spot to find this excellence.

Jowers Auto Service, Tallahassee, FL

If you ask anyone in Tallahassee to point you toward a mechanic you can trust, chances are that they’ll send you to Jowers Auto Service. This local business has been around for nearly 65 years with fairness and expertise.

Cannon Automotive, Pensacola, FL

When folks in Pensacola need to get their vehicle back in tip-top shape (or keep it there), they go to Cannon Automotive. Locally owned and operated since 1988, this fantastic shop services nearly any vehicle including classic, vintage, hybrid, and electric cars.

Terry Wynter Auto Service Center, Fort Myers, FL

Terry Wynter is the top name in auto service in the Fort Myers area. Whether you just need a reliable vehicle to get you back and forth for work or you’re preparing your vehicle for a long road trip, you’ll get what you need at Terry Wynter Auto Service Center.

Master Techs Auto Repair, West Palm Beach, FL

For preventative maintenance as well as major repairs and upgrades, you can always trust Master Techs Auto Repair. Located in West Palm Beach, this fantastic shop provides quality work and service every time.

City Auto Repair, Gainesville, FL

For over 40 years, City Auto Repair has been keeping Gainesville moving. From brake services to diagnostics to major engine repairs and replacements, all your needs will be taken care of at this outstanding local shop.

Expert Auto Repair, Panama City, FL

For your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs, you need a genuine expert, so head to Expert Auto Repair. Located in Panama City, this local shop will get you back on the road in no time.

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