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The 13 Coolest Hotels in Delaware

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You think you’ve seen all the unique sights in the state of Delaware. The Steampunk Treehouse, Miles the Monster, the giant doctor’s bag and more have already been checked off your list. Even still, if you haven’t checked into one of these hotels that range from over-the-top opulent to quirky, artistic and historic, then you’re in for a one of a kind experience. Here’s a look at Delaware’s most unique hotels on the map.

Dover Garden Suites, Dover, DE

This is a botanist’s dream vacation just waiting to happen. Greenery surrounds guests at every turn. Formal gardens, vintage furnishings and seriously Zen scenery abound. This is a five-star, family-owned boutique hotel fitted with quirky sculptures and an unmistakable horticultural feel. Rates run as low as just $99 per night and guests can enjoy all the classic modern amenities like Wi-Fi and appliances along with trips to secret gardens, resort style whirlpool tubs and private patios. This is truly the blossom of Dover’s hotel scene.

The Inn at Montchanin Village, Wilmington, DE

American history unfolds before you at this charming Wilmington hotel and spa. Unlike modern facilities, this hotel is a village and it’s positioned as part of the DuPont family’s legacy. Guests should prepare to be enchanted by the ambience of the 19th century as it comes to life on this little property that’s truly in a state all its own. Each room comes complete with period furniture so you won’t have to leave the past behind until checkout. Rates run in the ballpark of $200 to $400 per night depending upon occupancy status. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out the Winterthur estate and museum so your historical experience can reach optimal levels.

The Towers Bed and Breakfast Inn, Milford, DE

Have you ever heard of “steamboat Gothic” architecture? Well neither had we before laying eyes on this pink, picturesque bed and breakfast that looks as if it was taken directly out of the pages of a fairytale. But don’t be fooled by its “dark side of Disney” aesthetic. This is an adults only hostel with a striking presence that’s certain to stop you in your tracks. This getaway is ideal for honeymooners. Guests can take up temporary residence in a richly appointed tower or garden room or go full on fairy tale by renting out Rapunzel’s chamber. From the intricately decorated porcelain fixtures to the masterfully painted windows and astonishing exterior, one could only assume that each stay here will be a night to remember.

Meris Gardens, Bethany Beach, DE

Does the thought of a secret hideaway send shivers up your spine? If so, you might want to sneak off to one of these Trip Advisor-acclaimed cabins in the woods before their secret is out. The Meris Gardens are a hidden gem, pet friendly and quiet, reminiscent of a campground but with all the amenities of a modern-day hotel including a short walk to the boardwalk and the beach. This is the place where the sound of waves crashing meets the sound of crickets chirping and truly unique adventures are sure to unfold. 

Blue Hen, Newark, DE

Situated in “The Wedge” of Newark, Blue Hen’s Bed and Breakfast is an award-winning historical site that was constructed in 1692. This quaint, but impressive establishment showcases the farming lifestyle and catering to the guests’ every whim, from breakfast to art lessons. Rooms run from $110 to $190 per night and dogs get guest rooms of their own. 

LuxiaSuites, Wilmington, DE

The quirk in this brand new, uber-modern hotel chain is not in the scenery so much as in their approach to rentals. This hotel is basically what would happen if Starbucks and Ikea conceptualized a plan to keep visitors in Delaware for as long as humanly possible. These executive stay suites are designed for business travelers and they put just about every imaginable amenity (think pool, fitness center, business center, cyber café, movie theatre, ice skating rink, newspaper, dry cleaning and breakfast) at your fingertips. The expansive riverfront view is a nice bonus, but the goal here is for guests to stick around for months, maybe even years. These furnished, modern suites are unique because they’re game changers.

Boardwalk Plaza Hotel, Rehoboth, DE

This colossal pink hotel is cute as a cupcake. We could just eat it up. With spindly white balconies and trim that beckons back to a Victorian time, it catches the eyes and often the hearts of many boardwalk passersby. One of the many highlights is the stark white cutie-pie gazebo swing that overlooks the beach. What with its intricate trim and perfectly symmetrical carvings, it basically puts the feel of the hotel on display beneath its canopy.

Blue Water House, Lewes, DE

Lewes is known for its eccentric style. Anyone who’s been to the Zwaanendael Museum can attest. This is why the Blue Water House, a nautical, colorful, functional piece of art disguised as a beach rental property really works. Just look for the giant, towering mermaid head and follow the painted fish in the gardens along the exterior. This is one acclaimed B&B that would be difficult to miss and even more difficult to miss out on.

Causey Mansion, Milford, DE

Fuel your curiosity about colonial America by posting up for a night or two in this dramatic period mansion that sports era inspired décor all the way down to the trim. With three rolling acres decorated in formal botany and a 100-year-old wood box garden outlining the exterior, this functional period piece is impossible to miss. Guests can gather around the gazebo or stop past to witness a 1920s-style lawn party. This is an unexpected marvel in Milford, Delaware.

Hotel Blue, Lewes, DE

Contemporary goes coastal at this mod boutique hotel nestled right in the heart of Delaware’s beach region. Choose from an apartment themed ocean front room painted in the colors of sand, sea and sky, a harbor themed suite complete with a Koi pond and sleeping alcove and a deluxe, jewel toned abode with sinks that glow in the dark. All rentals feature Wi-Fi, a glimmering rooftop swimming pool an indoor dry sauna and the hotel’s iconic color changing, phosphorescent ice buckets.

Dogfish Inn, Lewes, DE

From the eccentric crew that brought Delaware a famous craft beer and a steampunk tree house comes one of the first beer themed hotels to hit the nation. Nestled deep within the heart of Delaware’s beach town of Lewes, this idiosyncratic getaway is adorned in crazy artwork that intertwines nautical components with steampunk themes and of course, craft brewery. It’s strategically positioned just off the path of Gordon’s Pond Trail, which makes other Delaware beaches and ocean fronts readily accessible. All inclusive packages include guided tours of their infamous brewery. Dog friendly rooms are available on a first come first serve basis. 

Hotel Rodney, Lewes, DE

Just a ferry ride away from Cape May and surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware beaches, this is an ocean lover’s paradise. The Hotel Rodney is unique for a wide variety of reasons, with the fact that it’s a historical building being the main highlight. The modernistic interior truly does a great deal to make it stand out, but what many guests fail to realize is that its interior is crafted to reflect the stylings of 1920s New York. So, there you have it. Delaware history, coastal elegance and New York charm all quietly nestled into the breathtaking aesthetic of this one of a kind hotel. Featured amenities include bike rentals, a business center, fitness center and ground floor shopping center.

Hotel DuPont, Wilmington, DE

If looming ceilings covered in gold and floor to ceiling windows adorned in the finest draperies doesn’t impress you, don’t fret. That’s only the lobby. The Hotel DuPont isn’t a getaway, it’s an experience in refinement. Everything in this royal palace worthy hotel oozes with opulence, even the silverware. Find out what it feels like to get beyond the velvet ropes and in the VIP section of life by checking out this historical gem turned royal hotel. Rates start at just under $200 per night.

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