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The 7 Best Pet Stores in California!

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When it comes to properly caring for your pet, you’ll have to pick up all the essentials. The right food for your pet’s diet, collars, leashes, toys, and more, can be found at California’s best pet stores. Staff will make sure you find exactly what you need for Sparky. Whether your pet is furry, scaly, or feathery, you’ll find everything at these 7 great pet stores in the Golden State. 

Incredible Pets, Multiple locations

Incredible Pets has an incredible array of locations throughout Sacramento and the wider area. Good prices, a knowledgeable staff and a large selection of options for pets that are picky eaters to pets that need special love, are available at all locations.

Rock Dog & Cat, Los Angeles, CA

The Eagle Rock neighborhood is filled with funky boutiques and Rock Dog & Cat is just one of them. Locally owned and operated, the staff goes the extra mile to find treats, food and anything else you might need for your four-legged friends.

Andy’s Pet Shop, San Jose, CA

Andy’s Pet Shop is setting new standards for pet stores by offering only rescued pets for pet adoption. Homeless pets from all branches of the animal kingdom have found homes through Andy’s Pet Shop, which has been a San Jose staple since 1950.

The Urban Pet, Los Angeles, CA

The Urban Pet offers quality pet food, pet supplies and classes for pet owners. Learn how to bond with a new pet, or find new favorite toys and treats for your old buddy.

Pet Supply, Orange County, CA

Pet Supply of OC not only has all the usual pet store finds and offerings, they also offer partnerships with rescue efforts and adoption programs. And of course, the pet trends that all the celebrity pets are rocking these days.

Waggin Tails Pet Supplies, Union City, CA

Waggin Tails Pet Supplies offers numerous lines of healthy and natural pet food as well as medications and treatments to keep them healthy and free of ticks and fleas. Bring your pet along to try some new treats and introduce them to the friendly staff.

Tailwaggers, Los Angeles, CA

Tailwaggers has been providing natural foods and products for pets since 2003 and has expanded its selection into locations. In addition, Tailwaggers also has many outreach programs and features a full grooming salon. If you can’t find what you need, a friendly staff member can help you, or order it for you. 

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