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The 8 Best CrossFit Gyms in California!

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Did you know that CrossFit was created in Santa Cruz, California, in 2000? Yes, this high-intensity approach to fitness has its roots in the Golden State. Since its inception, CrossFit gyms have begun to open up all over California offering a variety of the regimen’s signature training sessions and philosophies. Here are the 8 best in the state! 

NC Fit, Multiple locations

NC Fit, formerly known as NorCal CrossFit, has expanded to include several locations throughout Northern California so that CrossFit devotees can find a class nearly anywhere they happen to be. The gym focuses on community and even offers special perks to members from events to swag. 

Golden State CrossFit, Antioch, CA

Golden State CrossFit, formerly known as Antioch CrossFit, offers a free intro class. They also customize the CrossFit regimen to your needs and abilities to get you started on a CrossFit lifestyle. Stop into Golden State CrossFit whether you’re interested in checking out the fitness technique or if you’ve been practicing for years.

DogTown CrossFit, Los Angeles, CA

DogTown CrossFit is the result of three professional athletes coming together to share their love of physical activity with the neighborhood. At DogTown CrossFit, you’ll find split level classes as well as a variety of supportive community events. If you plan to drop in, be sure to contact the gym ahead of time to find a class that fits your needs and experience.

CrossFit South Bay, Hermosa Beach, CA

CrossFit South Bay has expanded from a simple garage to a garage gym that gets results. Using minimal equipment and minimal aesthetics, CrossFit South Bay offers elite coaching to bring on the benefits of functional movement. Look for the busy class schedule and stop in during open gym hours.

CrossFit Los Angeles, Santa Monica, CA

CrossFit LA takes pride in being more than just a CrossFit gym, but a school to help you integrate the benefits of physical fitness with a healthy mindset. CrossFit LA features a community of athletes that compete in various challenges as well as top coaching and other that have made it one of the top CrossFit gyms since opening in the early years of CrossFit.

CrossFit Invictus, Multiple locations

CrossFit Invictus takes into account varying levels of physical fitness, whether you’re just starting to get into shape after many years or are already a CrossFit devotee. You’ll find lots of coaching classes, different gym locations and plenty of support for both physical activity as well as help eating and integrating CrossFit into your lifestyle.

CrossFit Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA

CrossFit Santa Barbara is a leading CrossFit gym and the first of its kind in the area. Moving safely and healthfully is emphasized in order to help clients get their best body, without using machines. The gym offers free community sessions on Saturday mornings and encourages visitors to stop by and check them out.

Reebok Lab, Los Angeles, CA

Reebok has been a major supporter of CrossFit since the regimen first took off in the early 2000s. Now there’s a club for Angelenos to explore the latest and greatest in CrossFit training and philosophy thanks to the Reebok Lab. To enjoy the facility, send an email to the box that includes where you usually train and your CrossFit experience so that you can take advantage of the club while in the area.

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