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The 9 Best Cake Shops in California!

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When it comes to delicious cakes, the Golden State does it right. California has a wealth of international influences, so you can find anything from homemade-tasting delights to European delicacies. Any cake, for virtually any occasion, can be found in California’s big cities and small towns. Here are the 9 best cake shops in the state! 

85C Bakery, Multiple locations

85C Bakery is a Taiwanese based chain that has landed Stateside, with most outlets in California. Featuring a happy pairing of Asian and European bakery influences, you can find decadent cakes for one or many as slices and full sheets.

Sweet Lady Jane, Los Angeles, CA

Sweet Lady Jane now has three locations in the LA area that serve a variety of cakes. For every day, pick up a slice of classic icebox cake or preorder a special occasion or wedding cake. Anything you choose is sure to be delicious and professional.

Thorough Bread & Pastry, San Francisco, CA

Thorough Bread & Pastry is helmed by a French trained chef that brought his techniques and expertise to the Bay Area. You’ll find carrot and chocolate cake slices on a regular basis and can also get a full cake for a larger crowd.

Porto’s Bakery, Los Angeles, CA

Porto’s Bakery has expanded from its small storefront to a few locations in the LA area. The family run bakery is famous for including a party planning side, including cake making services. You’ll find all the classic flavors and then some, including the favorite tres leches and Cuban cakes that keep families coming back for generations of celebrations.

Cream Pan, Tustin, CA

Cream Pan is an assuming shop that frequently tops the list of Orange County favorites. European and Asian flavors meet perfectly in items like matcha cake. And you’ll find plenty of other pastry items in addition to cakes.

B. Patisserie, San Francisco, CA

B. Patisserie isn’t one of the oldest bakeries in the city, but it has become one of the most popular. It’s cakes and pastries are frequently on Instagram and are said to be as delicious as they look, the result of the chef’s training in European kitchens and Michelin starred restaurants.

Marla Bakery, Windsor, CA

Marla Bakery has beautiful and elegant cakes that look as good as they taste. The chef trained in Italy and brought her knowledge back to her hometown to create cakes with distinctive flavors, including a riff on peanut butter and jelly.

Miette, San Francisco, CA

Miette promises to use simple ingredients to create classic cake flavors. You can order cakes and cupcakes in familiar flavor combinations, but with a modern style that makes them perfectly pretty for any time of day. The chocolate is tempting, but the gingerbread is actually Miette’s bestseller. 

Crushcakes & Café, Multiple locations

Crushcakes & Café has cakes of all kinds. You can enjoy vegan cupcakes or cupcake flavors of the day as well as cake pops, mini cakes and full sized and supersized cakes. In addition to daily offerings, you can also special order cakes for weddings and special events. 

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