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California's 8 Best Bagel Shops to Visit in 2024!

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The East Coast doesn’t have a monopoly on bagels—they just think they do. Even the most persnickety bagel snobs will enjoy the chewy deliciousness that some of the best bagel shops in California bring! Embark on a mouth-watering bagel adventure in California by visiting the top 8 bagel shops in the state in 2024.

Western Bagel, Van Nuys, CA

Western Bagel has several shops throughout the Greater Los Angeles, but the main hub of bagel making remains in Van Nuys. Western has been churning out numerous varieties of its own style of bagels for many years, setting it apart from East Coast counterparts.

Wise Sons, San Francisco, CA

Wise Sons is a new breed of Jewish deli, updating classics and doing everything from scratch—including bagels. Stop in for a bagel break and enjoy a modern take on East Coast classics.

Bueller’s Bagels, Los Angeles, CA

A simple, cash-only establishment, Bueller's Bagels offers some distinctly retro bagels. Here, you'll only find traditional bagels like sesame, onion, and plain with some of the best lox spread around—not fruity flavors.

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery, Los Angeles, CA

Brooklyn Bagel Factory has been churning bagels for 50 years and suffered a setback when their building collapsed. They managed to rescue much of their bagel-making equipment and started churning bagels again as soon as possible, much to the delight of their legions of loyal fans.

Bagels and Brew, Mission Viejo, CA

Bagels and Brew is a family owned spot that has provided the surrounding community with a spot to grab a bagel since 1994. The menu features 25 different kinds of bagels as well as breakfast and lunch items.

Beauty’s Bagel Shop, Oakland, CA

Beauty’s Bagel Shop features Montreal-style bagels baked in a wood oven. Montreal-style bagels are sweeter than their New York counterparts because they are first boiled in honey water before baking. It’s a rare find outside of Montreal, and especially on the West Coast.

Shirley’s Bagels, Costa Mesa, CA

Shirley’s Bagels in Orange County is devoted to the making of bagels, using traditional methods of boiling and baking in experienced hands. Bagels are categorized according to flavorings. You’ll also find breakfast options, both with and without bagels, gourmet espresso drinks, a selection of salads and acai bowls.

Bagel Broker, Los Angeles, CA

Since 1987, Bagel Broker has been serving up fresh bagels from behind a counter to generations of bagel lovers. The plain shop makes thousands of bagels each day to offer the customers that start coming in at 6 a.m. Ask for your bagel hollowed out in order to enjoy more of the spreads and fillings on your choice of sandwich. 

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